Winter Driving Tips


  1. Winter is right around the corner and with winter comes dangerous driving conditions.  Colder weather has a severe effect on your car, other cars on the road, and roadway conditions.  Here are a few tips for driving in winter:
  3. -        Brake gently to avoid skidding. If you feel your wheels locking up, ease off the brakes slightly.
  4. -        Be careful on overpasses and bridges.  Both will freeze even if the temperature is above freezing and will freeze before other parts of the roadway
  5. -        Decrease your speed and leave more room to stop between cars than you normally would. 
  6. -        If your car needs service, do it because breaking down in the freezing cold is much worse than any other time of year, make sure your car is tuned up and ready for the winter.  Check your service history by logging into your E-Glove Box here.
  7. -        Check your windshield wipers and make sure they are in good shape.  Newer wipers keep ice off the blade; remember to turn them off before turning off the engine.
  8. -        Keep your gas tank full; you do not want to run out of gas in the bitter cold.
  9. -        Carry basic supplies in your car such as an ice scraper and a snowbrush.  A blanket would be a good idea as well just in case something happens and you need to wait for help.
  10. -        Clean snow/ice off your car entirely. Snow or ice left on the car may move around and obstruct the driver’s view while driving. 
  11. -        Check your tires & keep them properly inflated.  Cold weather decreases tire pressure and can lead to blow outs. 
  12. -        If you are stuck, wait in your car.  Your car is warmer than outside, stay warm and wait for help.


Stay safe and be careful during the winter! 

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