Partnering Opportunities For Companies, Organization and Groups

Partnering with the MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Network is an EZ way for you to connect with your customer, member or target audience. Industries we currently partner in include Credit Unions, Banking Institutions, Auto Dealerships, Independent Repair Shops, Warranty Companies, Fund Raising Organizations.

We customize each program with YOUR BRAND for maximum impact.  Following are just a few ways to use this program.  For more details and examples of promotional use cases in each industry, click on the industry below.


  • Thank You for joining, purchasing, upgrading, participating
  • Job Well Done employee, volunteer
  • Welcome new member, attendee, volunteer, employee


  • Competitive advantage - an offering nobody else has, one of a kind value add
  • Include in membership or employment benefit package 


  • Brand Identity - Your logo and Brand are front and center all the time
  • Annual - For use all year long



  • Purchase behavior
  • Promotional gift
  • Upselling - trading consumers up to a higher level product or service

Vanity Card

The MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Network offers a fully customized program that includes:

  • Customized Membership CardMobil Screen
  • Auto & Travel Network Discounts
  • Electronic Glove Box
  • Mobile App with your Logo
  • Collateral Material
    • Posters, brochures, website
  • Communications
    • Email blasts, newsletters, new merchant updates

For Fundraisers

Looking for a way to raise funds for your organization? We can help! Offering a MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Membership is a win-win-win situation. Provide your supporters with a valuable tool they can use to save hundreds of dollars a year on auto and travel needs and help them maintain one of their valuable investments their vehicle.  Raise the bar on your fundraising goals as the EZCarCare Auto & Travel Network Member Program offers incredible value they won't be able to resist. It can even produce annual renewal revenues. Click here to learn more.

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For Credit Unions and Banks

Want to add value, competitive advantage and ongoing marketing to your auto loan program? Offer a MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Membership to each of your customers. Our 3 year auto loan program ties in perfectly with a 3 year loan and trade cycle while helping your customer save money and properly maintain your collateral. Our continuing branded reminders and communications will ensure that their next vehicle purchase is financed by you. Click here to learn more or call for more details as this is a one of a kind customer retention program.

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For Dealerships and Independent Repair Shops

Whether you're a Franchise or Independent Dealer or an Independent Repair Shop, every customer should have a MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Membership. Your Dealer-branded Electronic Glove Box and membership card will continually remind them of how you care about their vehicle ownership experience. Our Franchise Dealer Program can be tailored to you and only provide your locations as VIP Partners. Click here to learn more.

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For Agents, Sales Professionals, Merchants

Want to Expand your Customer base? Increase Sales and Transactions? Join Us! If you have an auto or travel related product or service that you are willing to offer a discount on that would benefit our thousands of members, we want to hear from you! We can even provide a MyEZCarCare Auto & Travel Membership to your customers if you're interested in the ongoing marketing and loyalty of our Electronic Glove Box. Click here to learn more.

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What clients are saying...

It's not often that you find a program like myEZ Car Care that provides tremendous savings and benefits to our members, it's a real Win/Win program.
 VP Credit Administration, Carter FCU

I had my car serviced at a myEZ Car Care service provider and when I showed the clerk my VIP Discount Card, which incidentally saved me $47, the person in line behind me asked me 'where did you get that card?' " What a great value.
 Credit Union Executive and EZ Car Care Member

I'm generally skeptical of offers like this, but because I had an immediate need of 2 new tires for an inspection, I tried it out. I saved $18.40 on two tires (147.00 total tire cost) from NTB. That's a meal out at McDonalds for the family! The next week, I saved $7.80 at Jiffy Lube. Thats 20%! All I had to do was show them the card!
 Houston, TX Credit Union Member